English-Khmer Chemistry Dictionary

For a long time, I tried to make English-Khmer chemistry dictionary to help Khmer students. I setup a WIKI at http://zischem.wikispaces.com ask students to fill it with chemistry terms. In the beginning, it was progressing very well. However, after some time, students stopped entering new words and project stopped. When I began this project, I promised my students that I will release dictionary as a software and put the name of most contributing students to about box of software. I was waiting for WIKI to mature. I found out that this is not going happen soon. Therefore, Today I give you Jericho my dictionary software. I know there are some bad entries or poor translations. However, I don’t know which ones and I hope someone who knows Khmer, English and some Chemistry edit the WIKI and fix those errors. If people start editing the WIKI, I may release updated version of this software. Anyway, I hope you like the software.

PS: Software only works on Windows. If dictionary matures, I will release iOS version 🙂

Download Dictionary


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