MyGica R6

Updating cheap Realtek RTD1073 media player

My brother told me that he just bought cheap media player named MyGica R6. It is actually cool device because it can play all kind of media files and it has network connectivity as well.

MyGica R6
MyGica R6

However he said that subtitles has kind a brown color and very hard to read. First of all I tried to go to its website but I couldn’t find any firmware or information about my model. After some Google search and Archive Way back machine, I achieved to find latest firmware for my model. I tried to update it through system menu but it didn’t work. I have found couple of methods to update media players which has Realtek chips.

Method 1

  • Turn off player by removing is plug.
  • Hold down reset button
  • Plug the cable back

This method didn’t work for me because I don’t have reset button and other buttons didn’t work.

Method 2

  • Install a Web server to your computer. I used HFS for this purpose.
  • Drag and drop image.bin file to main window. Check that you can reach your file.
  • Download PuTTY and telnet to your media player IP and login with username root
  • Issue below commands
echo "http://COMPUTER_IP/install.img" > /tmp/installing_source
kill -6 1

Media player will restart and you will see that it will download install.img file multiple times. Be patient it download 10 times. If it doesn’t download 10 times, it means it didn’t work. Try again or use better method, Method 3.

I have updated like this and subtitles started to look nice compared to previous one. However still it was not that pretty. I have searched more and finally I have found MoServices. As the site says

Package moServices (mos) is designed to add additional services and fix some bugs in the standard player firmware Asus O! Play R1 and Asus O! Play Air (R3). No changes or additions firmware is not required.

They also provide custom firmware that can be installed on most of media players. If your media player has Realtek RTD 1073/1283/1185/1186 chipset, you may use this firmware. I tried to install it but method 2 didn’t work very well. So I have found third method thanks to moservices.

Method 3

  • Put image.bin to your USB and plug it to your box.
  • Telnet to your box and login with username root
  • Issue below commands
echo "        " | dd of=/dev/mtdblock/0 bs=2048 seek=8192

I suggest you to type those commands very carefully. If you make a mistake your box can only be recovered by special USB TTL cable. Please double-check! I will not be responsible if you make a mistake in here. If you don’t have the equipment please don’t try.

After I upgraded my box by amp_r11, remote control was not working. Since that firmware is not designed for my box. I logged in to moServices web server http://IP_OF_YOUR_MEDIAPLAYER I clicked update modules and updated all modules. Then by using this instructions, I created my irfake.conf and reboot the box. It worked perfectly. I should have stopped in here but I didn’t.

Even though I have the latest firmware, when media player boots, I still see the MyGica logo. I have learned that this logo comes from boot loader. It is kind a BIOS of media player. I used this firmware to update my boot code from 17 to 23. After you update your boot code by Method 3, your box will go in reboot loop. Don’t worry we will fix it. Fortunately box sets its IP to fixed IP Either configure your router change your DHCP to serve IP range or get a cross cable and connect your computer directly to your box and set your computer IP like this


Again telnet to and login with root account. Then download the latest firmware amp_r12. Put the firmware to root of your USB drive. Update your box by using Method 3. If you did everything correctly, your box will boot with Asus logo (yay!) and it will have very nice menu and performance. Remember to configure irfake otherwise you will not able use your remote control.


5 thoughts on “Updating cheap Realtek RTD1073 media player

  1. haloo.I have an old Egreat R 1 with RTD 1073.It is now in brick mode.I try to find firm ware and the bootcode.Please help me,Thank you so much

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