EZ430-Chronos watch

I have acquired a brand new EZ430-Chronos watch. It has a 96 segment LCD display and provides an integrated pressure sensor and 3-axis accelerometer for motion sensitive control.

I tried to use different programs that were advertised on Chronos wiki site. However, my favorite app Chronos Flying Mouse didn’t work as I had expected. I had trouble calibrating and using it as it is shown in the video. My efforts to contact the authors were fruitless. So today, I downloaded source code of the programs and started working with the libraries. My C++ skills suck, therefore I had to change libraries to work with masm32. Finally I managed to connect the watch and get accelerometer data.

I thought how can i use this watch for something useful, something meaningful, something for the sake of humanity. Finally I found my answer, I would prank my students. I wrote a small software which sits in the background and checks for pressed keys of Chronos. For example if ^ key is pressed, program runs a music video called “Gangnam Style”, * button terminates the music video and # button plays a short clip from “Gangnam Style”. In order to add extra evil, software also disables the mouse and keyboard during video playback. I had a couple of problems during this prank. First of all, the range of the watch is extremely limited. I have tried several times to find the optimal position for executing the prank. In order to hide the watch, I always wore long sleeved shirt. My last victim class was extremely cautious therefore I wore a black shirt and pretended to use phone for the remote control. It was all mostly fun to watch their faces.

If I get permission from students I will update this post with videos. Stay tuned! Oppa Gangnam Style 🙂

Update: I got permission from two three classes. Here are their videos. Enjoy 🙂

12-C Class

12-B Class

12-A Class

I also uploaded source code and binary of my programs. You can download from here. Because this was a quick and dirty hack, I hard coded paths. Prank assumes that you have Media Player Classic installed at

“C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\mpc-hc64.exe”

All the files must be located at C:\g folder. Inside the folder following files should exist;

gangnam.mp3 Short MP3 from Gangnam style
g.avi Music Video of Gangnam style
ComProject.exe Main executable
eZ430_Chronos_CC.dll DLL to communicate with Chronos watch

You can change the hardcoded paths by compiling the source code with MASM32 or by doing some hex-editing.

If you have any question feel free to leave a comment.


21 thoughts on “EZ430-Chronos watch

  1. 12C: got a very nice dance lol
    12B: got a very nice shocked face lol
    12A: got a very cute action & dance lol

    • I didn’t calibrate it at all. I just used raw values coming from the watch. I don’t know if there is anyway to calibrate. If you are talking about chronos flying mouse, it is very hard to do. I tried many times but I couldn’t able to do it. I somehow calibrated if I used left hand because original author were lefty. Good luck

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